Pharmabiotics Conference in Lyon 21-22 March 2023

March, 2023

The future of Microbiome-based Medicinal Products Milmed Unico AB’s CEO, Thomas Lenz, has participated in the Pharmabiotics Conference in Lyon 21-22 March 2023:  “The Future of Microbiome-based Medicinal Products”. Pharmabiotic Research Institute (PRI) | European Microbiome Regulatory Science Center hosted the 8th annual 2023 Pharmabiotics Conference in Lyon, France. The conference bring in scientific and… Read More »Pharmabiotics Conference in Lyon 21-22 March 2023

Patent approval – Inflammatory diseases

November, 2022

Milmed Unico AB has recently received a positive statement from the International Patent Office in the examination of patent application no. PCT/SE2022/050656, YEAST FOR THE TREATMENT OF INFLAMMATION. The international authority makes an assessment as to whether the invention is patentable based on the submitted claims. The reviewer means that claim 3 ( … wherein the… Read More »Patent approval – Inflammatory diseases

Bio-Europe October 2022 Leipzig

October, 2022

Milmed Unico AB’s CEO, Thomas Lenz, has participated in BIO-Europe’s conference in Leipzig together with 2,200 companies and over 4,000 representatives. Thomas had around 15 booked meetings with American, Canadian, Asian and European companies. Preferably with international investors but also with interesting future collaboration partners. The discussions will continue in several areas in the coming… Read More »Bio-Europe October 2022 Leipzig

Milmed Unico broadens its competence with Anna Linton

September, 2022

We are proud to present our new board member in Milmed Unico AB, Anna Linton. Anna has over 20 years of experience from the development, commercialization and distribution of pharmaceuticals. During the last 10 years, she has been responsible for a life science company in an expansive phase. Experiences that are significant for Milmed Unico… Read More »Milmed Unico broadens its competence with Anna Linton

New article

September, 2022

Recently published article regarding inflammatory diseases, click on the headline to see the link to the article itself; Anti-inflammatory Action of the Treated-Yeast, Milmed, Under IBS-IBD Conditions aug 2022

New patent application

June, 2022

29th of June Milmed Unico AB submitted another patent application and it concerns an international application for the treatment of inflammatory diseases. It is not simple to get a full patent application in order and also get it approved. We believe that there are good conditions now to get this application approved, which is very… Read More »New patent application