Milmed is a patented method and product based on many years of research on a yeast culture that has a positive impact on living cells.

Pharmabiotics Conference in Lyon 21-22 March 2023

The future of Microbiome-based Medicinal Products Milmed Unico AB’s CEO, Thomas Lenz, has participated in the Pharmabiotics Conference in Lyon 21-22 March… Read More »Pharmabiotics Conference in Lyon 21-22 March 2023


Milmed Unico AB

Is an early-stage developer of medicinal probiotics with groundbreaking research providing global market. Our original product is a non-toxic product that has been tested by over 1500 people and no adverse side effects has been reported.
The Sapienza University, Europe’s largest university, have through in vitro-studies proven that Milmed is toxic free.
Milmed Unico AB has three patent protected treatment areas, allergic disorders, neurodegenerative diseases and inflammatory diseases. We are now preparing, the synopsis is ready, for Phase I clinical trial and all our current treatment areas fit into one Phase I clinical trial.

The Company’s teams with many experts are one complete homogeneous integrated group with control over the entire value chain from R&D, formulation and production to marketing and international sales. Together with the new chairman, Anders Milton, the Company is looking forward towards an exciting future.