History of Milmed

There has been and still is extensive research on frequency treatment with millimeter waves. Today, that research is very much about instruments for diagnostics but also about the treatment of various diseases. A positive effect has been seen with instruments that create millimeter waves on biological objects.

There was a big leap forward when a suspension was created that contained live yeast cells that had been frequency treated. The product was named Milmed and (the old) Milmed AB was started in 2007 to continue the research and later apply for patents on this form of treatment. Case studies began and the scientific work took a new development when the collaboration with Professor Trevor Archer began in 2008.

Six animal studies were conducted in 2008 - 2010 at Uppsala University where Trevor Archer was responsible for research. The results from studies became the basis for a patent application in 2010 for the treatment of degenerative diseases. Various studies were carried out the following years and in 2016 a R&D collaboration began with Sapienza University in Rome with Professor Rita Businaro as research leader. The in vitro based research was initially focused on demonstrating that Milmed had no toxicity, which also emerged. In parallel, an IPO was planned.

In order to fund the research on Sapienza and prepare for an upcoming IPO, a convertible issue of 3 MSEK was carried out in 2016. In 2017, everything changed for Milmed AB when the main owner and the largest investor unexpectedly passed away. Other shareholders did not have the possibility to continue to provide sufficient capital for the Company’s research and ongoing costs. In the summer of 2018, the situation became critical for (the old) Milmed AB, which had large accounts payable and no possibility to pay the annual fees for the patents.

In this situation, the current CEO, Thomas Lenz, negotiated to buy all IP rights for a new company. The new company was started in the autumn of 2018 under the name Milmed Unico AB and all IP rights were transferred to this company. The old company has only received payment for the IP assets and has no more future compensation of royalties or the like. R&D continues in Milmed Unico AB, a number of feasibility studies with a product focused on the allergy area have shown a positive effect. It also laid the foundation for the next patentarea and the patent application was filed in October 2019 and approved in October 2020.

An extended research agreement with Sapienza University was signed in April 2019 where indications of a new treatment area will be studied in more depth. An important priority in Milmed Unico AB has from the start been to be able to produce the product in dry form. After several years of research and testing of the dry product, it was completed in collaboration with Jästbolaget AB in April 2021. The first product focusing on the allergy area is called ALNOZINE™ and the first batch was produced and capsuled in September 2021.

Timeline - How it all started

1960 - It all starts

Professor MB Golant discover the effect of millimeter waves have on biological objects.

1960-2000 - Studies with millimeter waves

Many studies are conducted to prove what the effects of millimeter waves have on living cells.

2005 - Moving to Sweden

The whole operation is moved to Sweden.

2008-2014 - Studies with mice

Several studies with mice show reconstruction of the neurodegenerative systems of Parkinson’s disease mice.

2009 - Patent application

Filing of patent application for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.

2011 - First patent

First patent approved, patent protection in 11 countries.

2014 - From suspension to dry

Research starts to go from a suspension to dry form, capsules.

2016 - Studies shows good results

Studies that all show a faster recovery and increased number of immune markers in the blood.

2018 - Sapienza University

Research agreement signed with Sapienza University in Rome, Europe's largest university.

2018 - Milmed Unico

Funding of ongoing operations, new partners come in and Milmed Unico AB buys all intellectual property rights from the"old Milmed AB”.

2018 - Effects against allergy

Allergy study showed very clear indications of a positive effect against allergic disorders.

2019 - Zero toxicity

Sapienza conducts studies showing that Milmed has zero toxicity.

2019 - Patent application

Submission of patent application for the treatment of allergic disorders.

2020 - Patent approved

Approval of patent for treatment of allergic disorders.

2021 - New agreement

New agreement with Sapienza University signed for continued world class research

2021 - New collaboration

Collaboration agreement signed with MedicorentInt. AB.

2021 July - Patent application

Submission of patent application for treatment of inflammatory diseases.

2021 - September

The first batch of capsules was produced in September and will be available for future clinical trials.