Starting in October of 2021 Dr. Anders Milton is taking over as chairman of Milmed Unico AB. The company is very satisfied with this recruitment as Dr. Milton has an experience touching into many of our future challenges. He has an impressive and extensive competence gathered from education and honorable assignments, please see below. We are extremely happy to welcome Dr. Milton to our organization and looking forward to an interesting future together. 

Some of Dr.Anders Milton's appointments

Investigator appointed by the CEO of Karolinska University Hospital to study the effects on cancer patients of shortage of nurses during the summer of 2017.

Member of the board of Toleranzia AB, a biotech company

Chairman of the board of Immune System Regulation, a listed biotech company

Government appointed chairman of select committee to study how to increase organ donation and transplantation

2008 - 2009
Government appointed chairman of select committee to study how to make prevention against unwanted pregnancies more effective.

2008 -
Chairman of the Board of Vironova AB a non listed biotech company.

2008 - 2012
Chairman of the Board of Evidens FOU AB a non-listed company working in psychiatry.

2002 -
Chairman of the Board of Medhand International AB a non-listed company working with digitalised information for physicians, nurses and pharmacists.

2009 - 2011
Chairman of the Board of Dagensps AB, a non-listed company working with internetbased business information.

2010 -
Chairman of the Board of Uppsala Monitoring Centre, a WHO collaborating Centre working with pharmacology vigilance.

2009 -
Chairman of the Board of Europaskolan i Strängnäs, a private, foundation owned and not for profit middle and high school with around 500 students.

Member of the Board of Gundua Foundation working with education in Kenya.

2010 -
Member of the Board of Star for Life, a foundation working in southern Africa and Sri Lanka with secondary school pupils helping them to get a better self esteem, self respect and respect for others.

Member of the Board of Ersta Diakoni, a non profit social and health organisation affiliated with the Church of Sweden running a hospital, training of nurses and deacons and social services.

Member of the Board of Tikomed AB a non listed biotech company.

Chairman of the Board of Tikomed AB.

Co-worker/advisor to US presidential candidate Tommy Thompson, former Governor of Wisconsin, former Secretary of Health and Human Services.

President of Face of Aids Foundation based at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. Face of Aids Foundation is using DVD-technology to build a film archive of the epidemic since its start and in all its aspects. Local film teams are being trained to document the epidemic. All material will be available free of charge in order to increase knowledge and to better fight the epidemic.

One of five members of the Catastrophe Commission appointed by the government after consultation with the opposition party leaders.
The remit was to study the response and actions of the Swedish government and the government agencies to the Tsunami catastrophe 26-12-2004. The Commission also made proposals regarding the future organization of Swedish rescue services involving catastrophes outside of Sweden.

2003 –2006
Government appointed co-ordinator of the psychiatric services in Sweden. A three-year project where he studied present treatment
and care of patients with severe psychiatric disorders and suggested the changes that he felt were needed regarding resources, structure and co-operation between providers, quality of services and legal requirements relating to treatment without consent. The aim was to better the situation for these patients and lower the risk of violence associated with some of them.

2003 – 2004
Member of the board of Karolinska Hospital, the leading university hospital in Stockholm, Sweden.

2002 – 2004
Government appointed chairman of a committee that investigated the effects of the present activities regarding HIV/AIDS in Sweden and that was empowered to propose changes of policies. The committee finished its work by mid-February 2004.

2002 – 2004
Co-chairman of a government committee studying integration of immigrants in the Swedish labour market.

2000 – 2001
Member of the Board of the National Swedish Pension Fund (1st Fund Board).

2000 – 2005
Member of the Advisory Board to Swedestart AB, a privately held venture capital company with a SEK 500 million fund for biotechnology and a SEK 1,000 million fund for investments in telecom and IT.

1994 – 2003
Chairman 1994–1998, Vice Chairman 1999–2001, Chairman 2001–2003 of the Board of SalusAnsvar AB, a financial group consisting of an insurance company and a bank owned partly by the Swedish Medical Association. The combined assets under management amount to more than US$ 1 billion. SalusAnsvar AB is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

1992 – 2003
Member of the Board of the National Board of Health and Welfare.

1991 – 2002
Secretary General (CEO) of the Swedish Medical Association. The Medical Association has a membership of 35,000,
just over 90 employees, an annual turnover of around USD 15 million and assets of around USD 100 million. In all elected positions and as the CEO of the Swedish Medical Association he has been instrumental in deciding and formulating policies and in presenting and advocating these policies to decision-makers and the media.

1991 – 2010
Advisor to the Swedish Delegation to the World Health Assembly on several occasions. Drafting group chair at the Assembly on three

1999 – 2005
Member of the Board of Feelgood AB, a company listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange that works in the fields of occupational
and preventive health.

1997 – 2011
Member of the Board of Q-Med AB, a biotech company listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Q-Med has developed applications
in the fields of aesthetics, orthopaedics, urology, and cell implantations using non-animal stabilised hyaluronic acid.

1991 – 1995
Member of the Board of the National Swedish Pension Fund (5th Fund Board).

1978 – 1990
Employed at the Clinic of Internal Medicine (Nephrology), University Hospital, Uppsala, and/or the Institute of Pharmacology, Uppsala University.

Elected positions

2003 – 2009
President of ERNA (The European Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Network against HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis). ERNA stimulates, supports and co-ordinates work against HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis in the European region of the International Federation
of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). Ex officio member of the Health Commission and the HIV/AIDS Governance Group of the IFRC. RE-elected President of ERNA for another three-year period September 2006.

Awarded the Order Libertador Bernardo O`Higgins, Gran Official by the Chilean President Ricardo Lagos mainly for working with Chilean refugees coming to Sweden.

2004 –
Foreign member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences

2002 – 2005
President of the Swedish Red Cross. As President he was Chairman of the Board of Trustees and spokesperson nationally and internationally.

2000 – 2003
Chairman of the Central Defence and Society Federation. The Federation is a forum for discussion on security and defence
issues with membership consisting of about 80 nation-wide organisations, e.g. the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, the Swedish Consumer Union, the Swedish Farmers Unions, etc. The Foundation organizes seminars and workshops with participation from government, parliament, the military leadership, the defence industry and the media.

1995 – 2001
Chairman of Council of the World Medical Association (WMA). The international world medical organization, founded in 1947,
representing more than 8 million physicians in around 80 countries. The work of the World Medical Association is mainly focused on medical ethics, human rights, public health related issues and democracy building.

1996 – 1997
President of the Liaison Committee between the European Medical Associations and the World Health Organisation (WHO) Regional
office for Europe. As President he represented the medical profession at the WHO regional committee meetings and at inter- overnmental conferences in the European region.

1993 – 2001
President of the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations (SACO), an umbrella organization with a membership of almost 600,000 employed and self-employed university-trained professionals. As President, one of his primary tasks was to communicate with members of government and parliament in order to influence decisions regarding the growth prospects of the Swedish economy.

1988 – 1990
President of the Swedish Medical Association.